What Lies In The Deep Stone Crypt: The Living Embodiment Of Darkness (Destiny 2: Beyond Light)

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Elsie: It's no longer a secret - what lies in the Deep Stone Crypt. The living embodiment of the Darkness, shrouded in the DNA of the Vex.
My grandfather desired eternal life. He searched and searched, but in the end, he created it instead.
From his "Fountain of Youth," I... every Exo was born. This is a truth we cannot hide from - the Darkness within us - and so we must embrace it.
The Guardians that entered the Deep Stone Crypt brought new life to the long dormant machines of Europa.
They carry with them knowledge thought lost.
Now is our chance to seize it.

The Exo Stranger reacts to the completion of the Deep Stone Crypt and gives us a new quest: "A Hard Rain Falls".
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