Travelling through Fandoms || Afton Family Series || Ep:4 Creepypasta

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Also my ships will not change. They will be the same.
For people who can't read my community post here's what I said:

This is just a small announcement. You guys will probably hate me after this but...I'm restarting.
And when I say that I mean i'm not delete any of my old videos but i'm gonna make new Afton and animatronic designs and restart everything. This is mainly because I've run out of ideas and I don't like my AU that much. I changed it a lot so i'm gonna make a mini movie explaining my whole new au. Of course I'll be restarting only after the Travelling through Fandoms series so I guess the next episode will be the last one. I've just lost all motivation for this series so I sincerely apologize for that. I hope you all don't hate me for this. I will be announcing this in the next episode of Travelling through Fandoms.

I also have another channel where I haven't posted anything and I won't be revealing what that channel is called. I'm pretty sure discord already knows it so people on discord please don't rat my new channel out.

That's all I wanted to say. Again I apologize if you really liked the series.
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