*NEW* Solo Money Glitch GTA Online (Dune FAV Car Duplication workaround)

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A Bunker
A Nightclub. As far as I can tell, unlike the first method this does not work at the Arcade or Facility.
Vehicle you want to duplicate (Fully upgraded Issi sells for the most)
MOC with Personal Vehicle Storage
Place the vehicle you’re duping inside your MOC
A Dune FAV. This is free if you have the Criminal Enteprrise Starter Pack.
Place the Dune FAV in the Service Entrance of your Nightclub
Start inside your Bunker and enter your MOC
Enter the vehicle you’re duping and tap the gas to exit the MOC
Gas = R2 on PlayStation | RT on Xbox

Exit the vehicle and then exit the Bunker
Go to your Nightclub but DO NOT use a personal vehicle. You can either job teleport using the different targeting mode method OR go there using a SecuroServ vehicle like the Buzzard.
Enter your Dune FAV
Press and hold Right dpad and then immediately after press and hold the gas. Do this until you spawn outside.
So that’s Right Dpad first and R2 (or RT) second. The original method of the glitch was the other way around.

After spawning outside the Dune FAV should disappear. If it doesn’t disappear you’ll have to start over from Step 1.
If it disappears then go back to your Bunker but once again DO NOT use a personal vehicle.
After entering your Bunker the vehicle you’re duplicating should still be where you left it.
Enter the vehicle and then drive it into the MOC.
The vehicle in your MOC is the duplicate copy and the original is now at the Nightclub

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