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Remember those early days of augmented and virtual reality glasses? We looked we were ready to go diving rather than play games! So why were these things so huge? Because pioneers focused on trying to use off-the-shelf components. The optics and the electronics were all discrete components.
“Google Glass” was an early experiment with limited functionality. But it became clear that AR’s commercial future needed stylish smart glasses not smart goggles or spyware. Over the last two years, and away from the glare of publicity, amazing things have been happening in labs.
So, on Wednesday 20 January 20th at 15:00 CET, Jose Pozo is going to reveal the latest state of play with augmented reality tools and developments in the physical interface between the human eye and those smart glasses. Register here: https://www.epic-assoc.com/epic-online-technology-meeting-on-next-steps-for-smart-glass-in-ar-and-related-applications/

So what’s going on at Schott, Zeiss and Corning that will see a next generation of even smarter glasses. We need applications for safer driving as well as accuracy inside the operating theater.
In fact, smart glass fits any place that needs to feed your brain with real-time, relevant information while you focus on what lies ahead. EPIC will involve leading optics players like Olympus, Leica, consumer giants like HTC and Sony as well as augmented reality pioneers like BRgineers and Leanback.
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