Diwali 2020 Vlog with our family

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Hiiii all ❤ For the first time ever we have upload the diwali vlog in the Diwali month itself... Haha anyways we spent our diwali this year with both of our family which is the best part of the day coz usually we spend our diwali with Ram's family or Jaanu's family but this time is quite special... Also Jaanu was wearing your favorite outfit on that day just because alot of y'all requested.. And our diwali was no different than yours.. Its just a normal diwali with crackers, food, movie and fun.. But we had funn.. So please Watch the full video to not miss anything out... Make sure you subscribe to us and share our videos with your friends so that they can enjoy ❤????

Video edited by Arun GM & RJ

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Ram with Jaanu

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