Afton family spends their day with fake Elizabeth Afton !original!

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sorry I haven't uploaded for a week (╥﹏╥)
I've been doing stuff. I'm honestly scared to upload this since I've been away for quite some time but here goes nothing -_- I was gonna do all of the Aftons but I legit have no oc slots

Hello! This is the description of this video.. I think this video is original! I'm currently making a series of this video on my channel.. If you want to make the same video/series as me its completely up to you if you want to use credit! I would appreciate it if you say it was inspired by me because it would help my channel out a lot andd I may leave a comment saying thank you for the credit or if you were inspired by me.. BUT AGAIN its completely up to you :) thank you for the support its crazy!
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