ACE Family "Nasty Clip" Drama Escalates, James Charles DRAGGED Into Mess

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Trisha Paytas comes for Austin McBroom and James Charles, and Catherine Paiz speaks up.

On October 15th, the ACE Family uploaded a video titled "A DAY IN THE LIFE WITH CATHERINE". Shortly after the video was uploaded, it was edited to remove a short clip. The clip is about 30 seconds long and shows the family getting ready for the day. In the clip, Catherine is filming an intro for the video. She turns the camera to Austin, who is holding their youngest children. He swears and complains about his hair being a mess and asks Catherine to refilm the clip.

But viewers weren’t impressed with Austin’s attitude and were concerned about his attitude off camera. Things escalated when Trisha Paytas got involved, and dragged James Charles into the mess.
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