2020 In Memoriam for October: Stars we lost in Music Industry #InMemoriam

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2020 In Memoriam for October: Stars we lost in Music Industry #InMemoriam

In Memoriam October 2020: Stars we lost in Music Industry #InMemoriam

The music industry had to say goodbye to many of its members. Some bg names like Eddie Van Halen, Spencer Davis, Tony Lewis and many more, as we will see in this video.
Like the Grammy does its in memoriam, we do our monthly Music In Memoriam. I hope you enjoy, and my condolences to their families and loved ones.
So, without further ado

Music celebrities who passed away in October 2020

Anthony Galindo, 41, Venezuelan singer (Menudo, MDO)
Béatrice Arnac, 89, French actress and singer
Eddie Van Halen, 65, Dutch-born American Hall of Fame musician (Van Halen) and songwriter ("Eruption", "Jump"), Grammy winner (1992)
Johnny Nash, 80, American singer-songwriter ("I Can See Clearly Now", "Hold Me Tight", "Tears on My Pillow")
Bunny Lee, 79, Jamaican reggae producer
Ray Pennington, 86, American country singer-songwriter ("I'm a Ramblin' Man")
Erin Wall, 44, Canadian-American operatic soprano
Brian Locking, 81, English rock bass guitarist (The Shadows)
Gabo Ferro, 54, Argentine singer and songwriter
Pierre Kezdy, 58, American musician (Naked Raygun, Pegboy, Strike Under)
Ruth Falcon, 77, American operatic soprano
David Refael ben Ami, 70, Israeli singer
Dyan Birch, 71, English singer (Arrival, Kokomo)
Rajan, 87, Indian musician and composer (Rajan - Nagendra)
Boro Drljača, 79, Serbian folk singer
Harold Betters, 92, American jazz trombonist
Ezra Schabas, 96, American-Canadian musician
Kim Massie, 63, American blues singer
Jon Gibson, 80, American minimalist musician (Philip Glass Ensemble)
Steven Thronson "Saint Dog", 44, American rapper (Kottonmouth Kings)
Paul Matters, Australian rock bassist (AC/DC)
Dmitriy Danin, 70, Russian composer, keyboardist and singer
Dave Munden, 76, English drummer and singer (The Tremeloes)
P. S. Narayanaswamy, 86, Indian singer
Gordon Haskell, 74, English singer-songwriter ("How Wonderful You Are") and musician (King Crimson, The Fleur de Lys)
Johnny Bush, 85, American country singer-songwriter ("Whiskey River")
Toshinori Kondo, 71, Japanese jazz trumpeter
Chet "JR" White, 40, American bassist (Girls) and record producer
Maisa Tsuno, 29, Japanese guitarist (Akaiko-en)
Ilana Rovina, 86, Israeli singer and actress (I Like Mike)
José Padilla, 64, Spanish DJ (Café del Mar) and producer
Naâma, 84, Tunisian singer
Alfredo Cerruti, 78, Italian television author, music producer, and singer (Squallor)
Tony Lewis, 62, English bassist, singer and songwriter (The Outfield)
Gianni Dei, 79, Italian actor (Pronto... c'è una certa Giuliana per te, The Killers Are Our Guests, Patrick Still Lives) and singer
Spencer Davis, 81, Welsh singer and guitarist (The Spencer Davis Group)
Overton Berry, 84, American jazz pianist
Viola Smith, 107, American drummer
Margie Bowes, 79, American country music singer (Grand Ole Opry)
Jerry Jeff Walker, 78, American singer-songwriter ("Mr. Bojangles")
Cal Vin, 35, Zimbabwean singer and rapper
Dolores Abril, 85, Spanish singer and actress (El emigrante)
Stan Kesler, 92, American musician, songwriter ("I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone", "I Forgot to Remember to Forget") and producer
Billy Joe Shaver, 81, American country musician ("You Ask Me To")
Lou Pallo, 86, American guitarist (Les Paul and His Trio)
Cano Estremera, 62, Puerto Rican salsa singer
Alexander Vedernikov, 56, Russian conductor (Bolshoi Theatre, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Royal Danish Opera)
Božidar Tanasković, Serbian rock bassist (Bjesovi)
Marc Fosset, 71, French jazz guitarist
Claudio Garbolino, 54, Argentinian keyboardist Vilma Palma E Vampiros
Rance Allen, 71, American gospel singer (The Rance Allen Group)

May they rest in peace...

Video by Guillermo Paz


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